Corporate Advisory Services

We offer comprehensive business advisory services designed to drive growth and ensure regulatory compliance for your business. Our team of experts understands the unique challenges companies face and is here to support you every step of the way.

We advise you on:

► Tax planning
► Claims
► Corporate finance
► Capital increase
► Business start-up
► Tax returns

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    Business Advisory Service

    Tax Advice

    Tax consulting for companies involves the management and planning of the company’s tax obligations. This includes:

    Tax Planning: Strategies to minimize the tax burden within the legal framework, taking advantage of tax incentives and avoiding risks of non-compliance.

    International Taxation: Advice on economic and financial transactions between countries, seeking to harmonize tax systems and avoid double taxation.

    ► Capital increase: Knowing how new capital contributions by existing partners or new partners may affect your company is essential for the future of the business.

    Corporate Finance: From investment evaluation, financing, dividend distribution, to working capital management.

    ► B uying and Selling Shares: Buying and selling stock in a company, whether small or large, can be a complicated process.

    Due Diligence: Advice and performance of Due Diligence processes.

    Tax Procedures: Assistance and representation before possible inspections or requirements of the tax administration.

    Accounting Advisory

    Accounting advice focuses on the correct management of the company’s financial information, ensuring that it accurately reflects its economic situation. Includes:

    Company Accounting: Recording and maintenance of accounting in accordance with current regulations.

    A nnual Accounts:Preparation and presentation of annual accounts and other mandatory financial reports.

    Financial Statements: Evaluation of the company’s financial situation for strategic decision making.

    ► Tax Returns: Preparation and filing of all required tax returns, such as corporate income tax, VAT, personal income tax withholdings, among others.

    ► Internal Audits: Review and verification of accounting and financial records to ensure their accuracy and reliability.

    Legal Counsel

    Legal advice for companies covers the advice and management of all legal aspects related to business activity. This includes:

    Commercial Law: Company formation, incorporation of companies, amendments to bylaws, mergers, acquisitions, and dissolution of companies.

    Inheritance Management in the Corporate Sector Preparation, management and/or acceptance of inheritances, family business succession, and donations in family businesses, both for resident and non-resident members.

    Corporate Wealth Management In the business field, especially in sectors such as real estate or any other involving the management of properties and real rights, good advice is of paramount importance.

    Intellectual Property: Advice on compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR) and management of intellectual and industrial property rights.

    What does our consulting services for companies consist of?

    Tax, accounting and legal advice for companies is a professional service that seeks to support companies in the efficient management of their obligations and strategies in these critical areas. This type of consulting is essential to ensure regulatory compliance, optimize resources and promote the sustainable development of the company.

    Comprehensive business consulting in these areas allows entrepreneurs and managers to focus on the development and growth of their business, with the peace of mind that they are in compliance with all legal, tax and accounting obligations, and that they are making informed decisions based on sound risk management and effective strategic planning.