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We are dedicated to the management of corporate assets and the development of investment strategies.

The management of property and real rights, the branch of civil law acquires a capital importance. Companies operating in these sectors must navigate a complex web of regulations and contracts to secure their operations, mitigate risks and maximize profitability.

We advise you on:

► Portfolio Management
► Contracts for the Sale of Real Estate
► Contracts of Earnest Money
► Lease Agreements
► Transfer and Assignment of Business Contracts
► Donation Contracts
► Exchange Contracts
► Surety or Guarantee Contracts
► Any Other Contract concerning Real Rights

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    Business Advisory Service

    Contracts for the Purchase of Real Estate

    These contracts are fundamental for real estate companies as they regulate property transactions. These contracts must clearly detail the terms of the sale, including accurate property descriptions, payment conditions, and obligations of the parties, to ensure clear and secure transactions.

    Lease Contracts

    Lease agreements are vital for companies managing rental properties. These contracts should specify the duration of the lease, rent, terms of use, and maintenance responsibilities, among others, to protect both the landlord and the tenant.

    Donation contracts

    Although less common in purely business contexts, donation contracts can be used for the transfer of real estate assets within an estate planning or succession strategy in family businesses.

    Surety or guarantee contracts

    They include mortgages, pledges, guarantees, among others, and are crucial to secure financial or other obligations. These contracts provide security to transactions and are a key tool in financing business operations.

    Contracts of Earnest Money

    These contracts are a pre-sale agreement where a deposit is made as a guarantee that the transaction will be completed. In the business context, they serve to ensure the seriousness of the transaction and can establish penalties in case of non-compliance.

    Contracts for Business Transfer and Assignment

    These allow the transfer of a business from one owner to another, including the assignment of lease rights, inventory, and sometimes, the brand. They are essential for companies in expansion, restructuring, or sale processes.

    Exchange Contracts

    They allow the exchange of goods or services without the need for a monetary transaction. In the real estate sector, for example, properties can be exchanged, which can be strategic for the expansion or relocation of business operations.

    Any other contract regarding real rights.

    The business sphere may require a variety of specialized contracts to manage rights over physical or intellectual properties, ensuring legal protection and the utilization of these assets.

    The proper handling of these contracts and operations in the civil sphere is fundamental for legal security, operational efficiency, and financial success of companies, especially those involved in the real estate sector and in the management of properties and real rights.