Intellectual Property

The protection of intellectual and industrial property, proper management of technology law, and rigorous data protection have become fundamental pillars for the success and competitiveness of companies.

Our team combines broad expertise in technology, life sciences and business with in-depth knowledge and experience as litigators, patent prosecutors and trademark attorneys.


We advise you on:

► Technology and software
► Copyrights
► Licences of use
► Negotiation and drafting of contracts.
► Contracts for technology and software development
► Technology transfer agreements
► Management of patents and trademarks
► Protection of copyright and/or image rights.
► Comprehensive legal adaptation of websites.

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    Intellectual and Industrial Property Advisory Services for Businesses

    Technology and Software

    Software Licences: Essential for regulating access to and use of software, ensuring that companies can use essential technologies for their operation under clear and secure terms.

    Technology and Software Development Contracts: Fundamental for companies that commission or develop custom technological solutions, ensuring ownership or rights to use over the developments made.

    Technology Transfer Agreements: Enable companies to acquire or transfer innovative technologies, facilitating the expansion of their operational and commercial capabilities.

    Intellectual Property Management

    Patents, Trademarks, Trade Names and Industrial Designs: The correct management and protection of these assets ensures that companies maintain their competitive advantage, protecting their innovations and the identity of their products or services in the market.
    Copyright and/or Image Rights Protection: Crucial for companies that produce or use creative content, ensuring that their works are protected against unauthorized use.

    Legal Adaptation of Websites and E-commerce

    Online presence requires not only an effective digital strategy, but also compliance with current legislation on data protection and digital law, including the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) in Spain. This implies the implementation of privacy policies, terms of use, legal notices and explicit consents for the processing of personal data, ensuring a transparent and secure digital operation.

    Compliance with Data Protection Legislation

    In a world where information is one of the most valuable assets, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations is not only a legal obligation, but also a strategic necessity to protect customer trust and business reputation. This includes the preparation of legal documents and the implementation of internal procedures to ensure the security and correct treatment of personal data.

    The proper handling of these contracts and operations in the civil sphere is fundamental for legal security, operational efficiency, and financial success of companies, especially those involved in the real estate sector and in the management of properties and real rights.