International Tax Consultancy Barcelona

This service is carried out in collaboration with various foreign firms, taking into account the country of origin and destination of the investment.

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    Spanish Investments Abroad

    • Investment strategy: Advice on determining the most advantageous legal and tax structure, considering the specific objectives of the investment.
    • Implementation and monitoring: Support in the implementation of the investment and continuous monitoring, in collaboration with our international partners, to ensure the success and legal and tax compliance of your operations abroad.

    Foreign Investments in Spain

    • Investment alternatives analysis: Detailed evaluation of available investment options, aimed at meeting your financial and business goals.
    • Execution and compliance: Assistance in selecting and implementing the optimal legal and tax alternative, in addition to monitoring and ensuring compliance with all formal obligations in Spain.

    Taxation of Non-Residents

    • Tax optimization: Analysis and proposal of strategies for the tax optimization of specific operations, tailored to the client’s country of residence.
    • Declarations and Compliance: Preparation and submission of the necessary tax returns, along with monitoring of administrative and tax obligations in Spain.

    International Tax Planning

    • Optimization of operations and investments: Identification of alternatives for tax optimization of specific operations and investments, including the treatment of savings taxation and transfer pricing.
    • Specialized taxation: Advice on operations carried out in or with tax havens, ensuring regulatory compliance and tax efficiency.


    • International Tax Consultant in Barcelona: We offer specialized services for clients in Barcelona and throughout Spain, combining local and international knowledge to provide optimal tax solutions.
    • International Tax Lawyer: Our team includes lawyers specialized in international taxation, capable of handling legal and tax complexities across multiple jurisdictions.
    • International Tax Advisory: We provide comprehensive advice on international taxation, helping our clients navigate the complex global tax landscape.
    • International Tax Advisors: We have a team of tax advisors with international experience, dedicated to offering tax optimization strategies tailored to each client.

    We commit to staying up-to-date with the latest international tax regulations and trends, ensuring that our clients receive cutting-edge advice and effective tax optimization strategies. Our goal is to be your trusted partner in international tax management, ensuring the success and sustainability of your global operations.



    Tax advice and planning


    Tax advice and planning