Inheritance Management in the Corporate Sector

In the business context, especially in the area of family businesses, inheritance law and the implementation of family protocols acquire strategic relevance to ensure the continuity and legacy of the business throughout the generations.

These elements not only facilitate the orderly transition of wealth and the management of inheritances and gifts, but also establish the basis for family governance and conflict resolution, thus preserving the unity and core values of the business family.

We advise you on:

► Estate and Donation Management
► Development of Family Charters
► Preparation of Civil Powers
► Succession in the Family Business

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    Inheritance management advisory service to companies

    Management of inheritances and donations

    The preparation, management and/or acceptance of inheritances and gifts is crucial for family businesses, both for resident and non-resident members. This process ensures a smooth transition of assets and business interests, minimizing adverse tax and legal impacts. Proper planning allows business families to structure inheritances and gifts in a way that preserves wealth and maintains strategic control within the family.

    Preparation of civil powers of attorney

    The preparation of civil powers of attorney is an important aspect for family businesses, allowing the delegation of decisions and the management of the company in situations of incapacity or absence of the leaders. These powers ensure operational continuity and uninterrupted strategic decision-making, protecting the interests of the company and the family.

    Development of family protocols

    Family protocols are vital tools for family businesses, as they establish clear rules on management, succession, and conflict resolution within the business and the family. These documents, agreed by all family members, detail the principles and policies for participation in the company, succession to management positions and profit sharing. Protocols help to avoid disputes and ensure that the company is guided by a shared vision and values.

    Succession in the family business

    Succession in the family business is a complex process that requires careful planning to ensure a successful transition of leadership and ownership to the next generation. It involves not only the transfer of actions and managerial roles, but also the transmission of knowledge, values and corporate culture. A well-planned succession strengthens the long-term sustainability and growth of the company, while maintaining family harmony.

    In the business context, especially in family businesses, proper management of succession law and the implementation of family protocols are fundamental for strategic succession planning, estate and donation management, and governance of the family business, ensuring its continuity and success across generations.