Tax Planning

We have only one objective: to ensure the correct optimization of your company’s economic resources.

Tax Planning

Nowadays, taxation has become one of the key aspects of any business, therefore, a correct tax planning allows minimizing the tax burden in order to optimize the economic resources available in any company.

From our point of view, tax optimization is achieved by applying tax regulations to the specific characteristics and needs of each company or business in order to reduce its tax burden as much as possible.

On the other hand, due to the increasingly demanding requirements of the Tax Administration, it is essential to have good advice and tax planning, not only to optimize our taxation, but also to comply in the easiest, most diligent and correct way, with all the information obligations that every day, with greater volume and detail, the Tax Agency and other administrative bodies (Bank of Spain, Directorate General of Foreign Transactions, Commercial Registry, among others) require.

Tax Advisor

We achieve the above objectives by providing our clients with the following services:

Continuous monitoring and tax advice on business activities.

Resolution of corporate and individual tax consultations.

Review of compliance with tax obligations and completion, if applicable.

Determination of options to minimize the tax burden and preparation of the corresponding tax returns, both in the area of direct and indirect taxation.

Advice on specific operations, of individuals, businessmen or individuals, and of companies and commercial groups, both in the field of direct taxes (Personal Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Inheritance and Gift Tax) and indirect taxes (Value Added Tax, IGIC).

Assistance and representation in procedures before the Tax Administration: data verification procedure, limited verification procedure, inspection, economic-administrative claims and contentious-administrative appeals.

Analysis of specific operations, presentation of the most tax-saving alternatives and their execution.

Approach and execution of corporate and equity restructuring operations under the criterion of tax optimization.

Management and execution of operations for the acquisition and/or transfer of companies and assets.

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