Tax consultancy located in Barcelona specialising in tax advice and tax planning both nationally and internationally.

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Dedicated to providing the best comprehensive advice on tax, accounting and legal matters.

asesoramiento fiscal nacionalTax Advice

Tax advice and assessment for individuals and companies in direct and indirect taxes.

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asesoramiento fiscal nacionalAccounting Services

Preparation of specialized reports and Business Plans and accounting and financial assessment.

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Legal Advice

Planning, advice and preparation of any transaction.

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equipo GM Tax Consultancy

GM TAX CONSULTANCY, S.L. is a firm whose main activity is tax advice and planning both within Spain and internationally. Our purpose is to give our clients an integrated service that not only plans but also carries out any necessary procedures to facilitate the client.

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Tax News

Joint Venture: Meaning, Types, Advantages

Joint Venture: Meaning, Types, Advantages

A joint venture is important whenever there is a need for expansion, extension and enlargement of companies. In this article, you will learn what a joint venture is, the types of it, what the requirements are for setting up a joint venture, and what the advantages and...

Importance of Company Secretarial Work

Importance of Company Secretarial Work

The job description of a secretary has undergone enormous change in recent years, especially in the wake of globalisation and the digitalisation of markets. Today, the secretary is often referred to as an office manager. With a diverse and responsible range of tasks,...


When am I considered a tax resident in Spain?

Tax residence in Spain is acquired if you have resided in this country for 183 days during a calendar year, without taking into account sporadic absences.

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Do I have to register at the Town Hall?

It is convenient to register at the Town Hall once you arrive in Spain in order to be able to prove your residence.
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Informative declaration on assets and rights located abroad: Form 720

Law 7/2012, of October 29th, amending the tax and budgetary regulations and adapting the financial regulations …
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What do I have to do to become self-employed?

To become self-employed, i.e. self-employed, you have to register with the Tax Agency, by means of form 036.
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What declarations do I have to file?

In general, the main declarations to file are the VAT and withholding tax declarations in case you have professional collaborators or workers or/and you pay rent.
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