National Tax Advice

Tax advice and assessment for individuals and companies in direct and indirect taxes.

International Tax Advice

Tax advice and planning of Spanish investments abroad and foreign investments in Spain.

Accounting Services

Preparation of specialized reports and Business Plans and accounting and financial assessment.

Legal Advice

Planning, advice and preparation of any transaction.
GM TAX CONSULTANCY, S.L. is a firm whose main activity is tax advice and planning both within Spain and internationally.

Our purpose is to give our clients an integrated service which not only plans, but also carries out any necessary procedures to facilitate the client.

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Can I sell online at different prices?

Can I sell online at different prices?

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New Regulation EU 2018/302 on measures to prevent unjustified geographical blockade and other forms of discrimination. On December 3 of this year an EU Regulation 2018/302 of the European Parliament came into force, which is...
Obligations to operate in Spain through a branch

Obligations to operate in Spain through a branch

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A foreign investor who wants to carry out an economic activity in Spain dependent on a non-Spanish company has several ways of making such investment: set up a Spanish subsidiary company or through a permanent...

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I be considered resident in Spain?

The Spanish tax residency is acquired when a person has been living in this country 183 days or more in a year, temporary absences are not considered.
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Do I have to be “empadronado” in the City Hall?

It is convenient to register at City Hall once you have arrived at Spain in order to be able to prove your Spanish tax residence.
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Reporting obligations on assets and rights located abroad: Form 720

The Law 7/2012, of 29 October, amending the tax and budget policy and adequacy of financial regulation...
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What do I have to do to be self-employed?

To be self employed, that’s to say, self-employed, you must register to the Inland Revenue, using the Form 036.
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What Forms do I have to file in?

Usually, the Forms to be filed in are the VAT and with holding tax in the case you have hire employees or freelance.
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