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As tax consultancy lawyers, our goal is to help you solve any tax, accounting, or legal problems your company may have.

Defending your interests is our job.

In the business world, every decision counts.

national tax advice

Tax advice

Tax planning to minimise the tax burden with the aim of optimising the economic resources available in any company: Expatriates, International, Corporate Finance, Tax Returns…

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accountant ico

Accounting Services

Preparation of specialised reports and business, accounting, and financial plans: Accounting and Financial Statements, Declarations, Books and Annual Accounts, Amortisations…

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Legal Advice

The business and personal reality is conditioned by the legal instrumentation of operations and the legal norms affecting them: Commercial and Corporate Law, Inheritance Law, Civil Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property.

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GM Tax Consultancy team

We look forward to seeing you at our law firm office in Barcelona.

GM TAX CONSULTANCY, S.L. is a firm whose main activity is tax advice and planning both within Spain and internationally. Our purpose is to give our clients an integrated service that not only plans but also carries out any necessary procedures to facilitate the client.


The experience of our experts offers you a quality service.


Taking care of the treatment and the relationship with the client is our other priority.


A fundamental value in the business world in which we operate.


We believe in what we do and we are fully involved in our work.

We look forward to seeing you at our Barcelona law firm.

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Digital Platforms

The new obligations of digital platforms From 1st of January 2024, with the approval of the Cooperative Administration Directive (DAC7), significant...

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    We have a track record of success, representing numerous clients in Barcelona and internationally. Our diligent and proactive approach ensures the protection of your rights and interests. Clear communication and accessibility are key in our lawyer-client relationships. We keep you informed throughout your case, enabling you to make informed decisions.