Succession in Family Business

The successful transfer of a family business is simply too difficult for someone to handle on their own.

At our firm, we understand the complexity and importance of family business succession. With years of experience advising business families in this process, we offer a comprehensive service designed to facilitate a smooth and successful transition.


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    Family Business Succession Advisory Services

    Comprehensive financial assessment

    Our Comprehensive Financial Assessment service focuses on analysing the financial health of your family business. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the financial statements, identifying areas of opportunity and potential risks. This assessment will provide you with a clear picture of your business’ financial situation, enabling you to make informed decisions for your and your family’s future.

    Strategic tax planning

    Strategic Tax Planning is essential to ensure a successful succession and minimise the tax burden. Our tax law experts will work closely with you to identify tax optimisation opportunities, structuring succession efficiently and legally. With a proactive approach, we help reduce tax exposure and maximise the net value of your business wealth.

    Business continuity planning:

    Business Continuity Planning is critical to ensuring the long-term survival and prosperity of the family business. We work in partnership with you to identify and mitigate risks, develop contingency strategies and establish sound succession policies. This service ensures that the business is prepared to deal with any eventuality and remain operational even in times of leadership change.

    Drafting of succession agreements

    Succession Agreements are key legal instruments to establish the basis for succession in your family business. Our specialised legal team will draft detailed agreements defining roles, responsibilities and rights of family and non-family members involved in the business. These documents will ensure a smooth transition and avoid potential conflicts between heirs.