Corporate Tax

We advise our clients on all matters related to national and international taxation in Spain.

The Income Tax is applied to the income earned by companies and individuals who are tax residents in Spain. The overall tax rate is 25% and can be significantly reduced if certain tax incentives are applied, such as those related to research and development, innovation, and job creation.

A disciplined and integrated approach to corporate tax requires experienced tax professionals who understand the various tax issues that businesses face. Our knowledge of tax laws, processes, and technologies, and how they impact businesses, is vital to achieving effective tax outcomes for the company.

Our Services

We advise our clients on all matters related to national and international taxation in Spain.

Corporate taxes include:

  • corporate tax advice;
  • corporate income tax compliance;
  • transfer pricing;
  • tax reporting;
  • due diligence;
  • tax risk management;
  • tax opinions and tax rulings;
  • representation in tax audits;
  • tax litigation and tax mediation.

We can:

Investigate and analyse your company’s tax situation, advise you on developing an effective tax strategy, or provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to properly address tax issues. If necessary, we can manage the implementation process and offer a full range of services for your compliance, including administration, payroll, corporate tax, and VAT compliance.

– Take care of the entire tax compliance process as an integrated part of managing your company.

– Advise you on applicable national and international rules regarding transfer pricing and assist you in meeting documentation and reporting requirements related to transfer pricing.

– Advise on the scope and level of financial risk and on ways to reduce it. We help define an effective tax strategy that allows you to prevent, resolve, or reduce tax risks.

– Represent you during a tax inspection, in negotiations with the tax inspector, or in case of conflict or during tax mediation.

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