We create your company quickly and easily.

We advise you on the creation of a company from scratch, taking into account all the requirements for setting it up: different legal forms of company formation in Spain as well as the aspects to be considered with regard to company, tax, social security and labour law.

Business start-ups in Spain.

Leave the paperwork to us and focus on your business.

Experts in:

  • Setting up companies in Spain for non-residents.
  • Legal advice on setting up companies.

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We can help you with:

Legal advice

We assist our clients in choosing the most suitable legal form for their business and provide advice on relevant legal and tax issues.

Financial planning

We develop the financial plan, including the identification of funding sources, income and expenditure projections, and cash flow management strategies.

Market analysis and marketing strategies

We help our clients understand their target market and develop effective marketing strategies to reach it.

Business plans

We help our clients develop detailed business plans that describe their company’s objectives, strategy and organisational structure.

Human resources

We provide advice on the recruitment, management and development of human resources, including compliance with labour regulations.

Partnership agreement

The shareholders’ agreement is an agreement between the shareholders of a company with the aim of regulating the relations between them and establishing the rules and conditions of its operation.