Legal Advice Barcelona

The legal field has become a fundamental aspect for the development of any business, the obligation to comply with current regulations and the possibility of taking advantage of the legislation to regulate key aspects of the business are currently a factor to be developed without any doubt.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the field of corporate legal advice, both in the establishment process and in growth through capital increases, the entry of new partners, as well as in business concentration processes. Regarding the business field, we have extensive experience in the negotiation, preparation, and regulation of all types of commercial agreements. In short, we can advise you in the development of all those transactions necessary for the proper functioning of your business.

In the civil sphere, and in coordination with the tax advisory area, we advise, intervene, and manage in the process of preparing documents related to inheritances, sales and loans, among others.

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    Corporate law

    • Incorporation of companies, preparation of corporate agreements (expansions and reductions of capital, dissolutions, modifications of corporate purpose, address, closing date, administration system, and any other statutory modification).
    • Constitution of other entities such as Temporary Unions of Companies, Foundations and Associations.
    • Specialized legal and tax advice for the incorporation of companies in Spain with foreign investment.
    • Branches and subsidiaries in Spain.
    • Termination and appointment of members of the Administrative Body.
    • Company secretarial tasks.
    • Legalization of Corporate Books.
    • Advice and monitoring of corporate and/or contractual conflicts and contestation of social agreements.
    • Commercial documents associated with this type of operation: non-disclosure agreement (NDA), letter of intent (LOI / MOU) and sales contract.
    • Drafting of all types of commercial contracts, especially agency, distribution and franchise.

    Innovation and entrepreneurship

    • Comprehensive advice for entrepreneurs and start-ups.
    • Financing procedures, investment agreements and partner agreements.
    • Incentive plans for workers.
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Mergers, splits, absorptions, transformations, global transfer of assets and liabilities, non-monetary contributions and other structural changes of the company.
    • Acquisitions and/or transfers of companies and businesses, at national and international level, as well as Due Diligence processes, both for the buyer and the seller.
    • Advice on buying and selling processes of companies, businesses or business groups.

    Inheritance management in the business sector

    • Advice on the preparation, management and/or acceptance of inheritances and donations, with special consideration to the applicable tax regulations, both for residents and non-residents.
    • Preparation of Family Protocols.
    • Preparation of civil powers.

    Civil (Real Estate):

    • Real estate sales contracts.
    • Land contracts.
    • Lease contracts.
    • Business transfer and assignment contracts.
    • Donation contracts.
    • Exchange contract.
    • Bond or guarantee contracts (mortgage, pledge, guarantee).
    • Any other contract on real rights.

    Intellectual and industrial property

    Law of New Technologies and Data Protection:

    • Technology and software:
      • Licenses of use.
      • Technology and software development contracts.
      • Technology transfer agreements.
    • Advice and management of applications for patents, brands, trade names and industrial designs.
    • Advice for the protection of copyright and/or image rights.
    • Comprehensive legal adaptation of web pages, applications and e-commerce in matters of data protection and digital law (LSSICE).
    • Advice and preparation of the necessary legal documents to comply with data protection legislation.