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Proper tax planning helps to minimise tax burden

Today, taxation has become one of the key aspects of any business, therefore, proper tax planning can minimize the tax burden to optimize the economic resources available to any company. From our point of view, tax optimization is achieved by the application of tax legislation to the specific characteristics and needs of each business or business figure to minimize the tax load.

Case study and submission of existing alternatives in relation to any transaction proposed by the client, taking special consideration in their personal/business situation and in the legal and tax effects of all kinds that derive from the proposed transaction, that is, analyzes the transaction both from the tax, legal and particular aspects that affect the client. In the event that the transaction is considered to be carried out, the execution thereof and the follow-up and preparation of the statements associated with the transaction are carried out.

document-ico Ongoing tax advice

Ongoing tax advice in the day-to-day business of the business, including both specific inquiries by telephone or email and the study of specific operations raised by the client.

document-icoCapital Increase

document-ico Corporate Finance Advice

document-icoPreparation and submission of tax returns

Advice and, if so agreed with the client, preparation and submission of tax returns, both in the field of direct and indirect taxation, of, among others, the following taxes and models:

  • Personal Income Tax (IRPF, form 100) and Wealth Tax (IP, form 714).
  • Non-Resident Income Tax (IRNR, form 210)
  • Corporation Tax Services (IS, model 200), as well as its instalment payments (form 202)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT, forms 303 and 390), as well as a summary statement of intra-community transactions (form 349), INTRASTAT and form 369, among others.
  • Quarterly and annual statements of withholdings and payments on account (forms 115, 123, 180 and 193, among others).
  • Inheritance and Gift Tax (ISD, forms 650, 660 and 651) before the Tax Authorities of Catalonia and the State Tax Agency.
  • Tax on Transfer of Assets and Stamp duties (ITPAJD, form 600)
  • Forms of investment abroad (form 720, form D-6 and ETE)
  • Declarations of impatriates (form 151) and expatriates.
  • Informative declaration of related-party transactions (form 232)
  • Request for refund of European VAT (form 360)
  • Other taxes and fees (for example, IAE) and special taxes.

document-ico Resolution of tax queries

  • Study and resolution of specific tax inquiries of all kinds that the client may have, considering the applicable regulations, the case law of the courts of justice and the administrative doctrine of the General Directorate of Taxes that affects the specific case.

document-ico Tax administration procedures

Monitoring, preparation, and presentation of documents before the Tax Administration in all types of tax procedures such as inspections, data verification processes, limited verification or sanctioning procedures, including the following:

  • Response to tax requests “requerimientos
  • Submission of tax letters e.g. “alegaciones
  • Submission of appeal (“recurso de reposición”) and economic-administrative claims.
  • Submission of contentious-administrative appeals.
  • Tax Proceedings

document-ico Preparation of annual accounts

In the case of companies, preparation of the accounting and tax closing of the fiscal year and preparation of Annual Accounts and Corporate Tax.

document-ico Personal Income Tax

Proposal of the tax consequences of any transaction that the client plans to carry out, as well as advice regarding the alternative that generates greater tax savings.

document-ico Representation before the Tax Authorities

Represent the client before the Tax Authorities in all types of procedures, whenever possible, either in person or online. In particular, representation of the client (both natural and legal persons) in tax inspection processes before any administration: AEAT, Generalitat de Catalunya, City Councils, Provincial Councils.

document-ico New regulations

Continuous communication with the client regarding all kinds of regulatory developments that may arise and that affect your tax situation.

document-ico Due Diligence

Advice and performance of Due Diligence processes

document-icoCrypto Tax Service

Crypto tax advice for Bitcoins.

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