Cryptocurrency Tax Advisory

Regulations regarding cryptocurrencies are continuously changing. Our crypto experts will assist you in preparing your taxes to avoid surprises. Our team of tax lawyers and accountants will ensure that your crypto taxes are not a problem.

Avoid surprises and issues with cryptocurrencies.

Get professional legal assistance on the law surrounding crypto taxes.

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Tax advice on cryptocurrencies

We advise all types of cryptocurrency users on how to reduce taxes, simplify information gathering and reporting, and enhance the tax efficiency of their transactions. Whether you’re a trader, investor, merchant, or operator determines whether your income is treated as self-employment income, investment income, or business income.

We will help you understand which deductions you can claim, which tax rates apply, and what tax-saving opportunities you have.

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Bitcoin profit tax

Did you know that bitcoin transferred as payment for services or profit is subject to income tax? If you receive cryptocurrencies as payment for any service or have generated profit, you must declare these earnings to avoid fines.

In addition to bitcoin income tax, your cryptocurrency is also a capital asset. Classified as a capital asset, cryptocurrency is taxed as property. The government considers your cryptocurrency as an investment.

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Cryptocurrency tax planning

If you’ve made profits using cryptocurrencies, you might be wondering: Do I have to pay taxes on my bitcoins or other digital currencies? Until recently, the classification of income from electronic currencies has confused many people: should they be reported as income or as capital gains? If you’re facing these kinds of questions, you should contact our tax advisors.