Tax abuse of small business owners

Tax abuse of small business owners

It is a well-known issue that small business owners suffer a disproportionate administrative and fiscal burden that makes no logical sense. This can be observed in multiple aspects: the practical non-existence of tax benefits with respect to large companies, compliance with formal obligations of all kinds, the impossibility of establishing phone or face-to-face communication with the Tax Administration, the Administration’s insistence on verifying and requiring the provision of record books, copies of invoices and all types of documentation, among others.

In relation to all these aspects, and for more detail, you can visit the following link in the economic newspaper EXPANSIÓN, in which Silvia Gabarró, director of the firm GM Tax Consultancy, established in Barcelona, suggests the most controversial and harmful aspects that small businesses and self-employed usually face, when trying to improve competitiveness, despite the legal and administrative difficulties he encounters.

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