Request the 2017 Personal Income Tax draft: The simplest Guide

As every year, we have here the 2017 Personal Income Tax campaign, which ends at the beginning of July 2018. Many taxpayers make use of the Income Tax draft to obtain an estimation based on the data held by the Treasury, for example, their income, withholdings, mortgages … and so anticipate if you are going to pay or pay back.

If you have never requested the Income Tax draft, a free service of the Tax Agency in operation since 2008, we explain how to do it step by step through the three ways that exist: by Internet, by ordinary mail or by phone.

Requirements to request the draft of the PIT draft

Before entering the matter it is necessary to clarify who can request the draft of the Personal Income Tax. It can only be requested if income of any of the following types has been obtained, regardless of the amount:

  • Income from work, including pensions such as compensatory payments received from the spouse.
  • Income from movable capital, such as share dividends.
  • Losses and capital gains.
  • Real estate and real estate returns.
  • Imputation of real estate income.
  • Income derived from Treasury Bills.

How to request the draft of the Income Tax online

If you decide to do it through the website of the Tax Agency you must access the special page of Renta 2017. From there you can take many actions and inform yourself of everything, although to request the draft what you have to do is identify yourself. You have 3 options for it:

  • By means of box 450 of the tax return of the previous year, which corresponds to the general taxable base subject to tax.
  • Through the Cl@ve PIN system, to which you must be previously registered.
  • With your electronic certificate or electronic DNI.

Once you have entered the data, you access a screen where the status of the draft, the mode of taxation and the language of the issuer is displayed. To request it you will have to give your telephone number, where you will receive a reference number, and accept if all the data is correct.
In a short time you will receive an SMS with the reference number and you will be able to see and print the draft.

How to request the draft of the Income Tax by phone

The simplest way to request the draft of the Income is by calling the Tax Agency. The number is 901 200 345 and its opening hours are from 9am to 7pm from Monday to Friday, extending until 9pm from April to June.

It will be necessary to have on hand your ID and IRPF declaration of the previous year to be able to give the data requested by the Tax Agency, although normally it is enough with the amount of box 450.

How to request the draft of the Income by ordinary mail

Do you prefer to receive the draft of the Income by ordinary mail? In this case you have to mark in box number 110 the option to request the sending of the rent for the following year automatically through the mail.

If you did not check this box last year, this time you will have to do it online or by phone.

When you can request the draft of the Rent

You can request the draft Declaration of Income from April 4 to July 2, the same time you have to submit the statement itself.

If you do not have time to request the draft or to make the income statement, we encourage you to leave it in our hands. Contact us and we will manage it quickly, closely and professionally.

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