mini_dotInternational Tax Planning

International tax planning schemes allow to minimize the tax burden associated to operations done from and to other territories, thorough the Tax Treaties as well as multilateral agreements (Direct Tax European Union Directives and VAT Directives) stands out and becomes very useful. Applying these rules together with the internal Law could achieve a significant tax burden reduction that affects every business or specific transaction.

With this aim, to give the best possible advice to our clients we offer the following services:

Study of opening new markets and internationalization of companies: analysis of the more beneficial tax and legal option regarding to the investment features.
Permanent Establishment for VAT purposes and Income Tax purposes and request for Foreigner Identification Number (NIE)
Setting up subsidiaries for non residents in Spain or subsidiaries of Spanish Companies abroad.
Foreign subsidiaries of Spanish Companies follow up and tax advice.
Subsidiaries in Spain of non-Spanish Companies follow up and tax advice.
Information obligations and filings of assets located abroad (720, D6, ETE, etc )
Spanish Non Residents Tax Return
Reporting and special counseling about the FATCA rules and new methods of exchange of information between states