Beckham Law Requirements

Here are the requirements to qualify for the Beckham Law:

  • Not to have resided in Spain during the 10 years prior to the displacement.
  • The transfer to Spain must be for an employment contract and the employer must be a Spanish entity or a non-resident entity but with a permanent establishment in Spain, or for being appointed director of a Spanish company, in which the transferee holds less than 25% of the share capital.
  • The petition must be filed with the Tax Administration within 6 months from the start of the activity stated in the Social Security Registration in Spain (Form 149).
  • The regime can be applied during the first year of residency and the following five years.
  • The annual personal income tax return must be filed by those who are covered by this rule through Form 151.

To benefit from the Beckham Law, it is essential to comply with the specific conditions established by the Spanish authorities. The criteria for eligibility include factors such as residency requirements, the nature of the employment contract and the type of employer. Understanding these conditions is crucial for people considering relocating to Spain and taking advantage of the law.

Eligible athletes and professionals

The Beckham Law offers a unique opportunity to a wide range of highly qualified athletes and professionals. From international soccer players to renowned executives, various fields can benefit from this scheme. Eligible individuals can access a more favorable tax regime and reduce their income tax burdens, making Spain an attractive destination for international talent seeking financial advantages.

We have already discussed the benefits of the Beckham Law, but at this time we have received several inquiries asking us from what salary level is it really beneficial to take advantage of this special regime. So, here’s the answer:

54.000 € if you live in Catalonia. You can see several examples in the box at the end of the article. First, let’s explain this a little more.

Characteristics of the special regime for posted workers

As a beneficiary of the Beckham Law, your tax rate is fixed at 24% (for the first €600,000) and then at 45%, but although it may seem like a good deal, there are certain elements to keep in mind:

  1. Under this regime you are taxed at 24% of your gross income. You cannot deduct any expenses.
  2. All your worldwide salaries are considered as earned in Spain, so you will pay 24% on them as well (although the deduction for international double taxation is applicable with certain limits).
  3. Make sure that you inform your employer that you have opted for this regime, so that they can withhold the 24% withholding from your paycheck and you will not have any surprises at the end of the year.
  4. Try to foresee your future income because if you are going to reach a salary scale higher than 50.000 € during the next 5 years, this regime may be suitable for you and then it will be too late. (you have 6 months from your arrival in Spain to request it).
  5. If you are under this regime, you do not have to file the
    Form 720
    and you only have to file the Wealth Tax for the assets located in Spain.

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With all this information, you have to weigh the pros and cons of this regimen and decide if it fits your needs.

GM TAX will be happy to guide you through this process, so do not hesitate to contact us. We will treat your case with total professionalism and proximity in order to find the best solution.

Limitations and exceptions

Although the Beckham Law presents tempting advantages, it is essential to be aware of its limitations and exceptions. Certain areas may not fall within the scope of this regime, and special circumstances may warrant consideration. Exploring these nuances is crucial to making informed decisions and ensuring compliance with Spanish tax legislation.

Misconceptions and clarifications

The Beckham Law may have generated misconceptions or myths. Clarifying these misunderstandings is essential for potential applicants to make informed decisions and fully understand the advantages and limitations of the scheme.

Beckham Law: Optimizing financial strategies

Incorporating the Beckham Act into financial planning is a prudent move for eligible individuals. Optimizing financial strategies under this regime can bring long-term benefits in terms of fiscal management and wealth preservation.


The Beckham Law represents an attractive opportunity for foreign sportsmen and professionals seeking financial advantages in Spain. By meeting the eligibility requirements and exploring the benefits of this regime, eligible individuals can unlock a more favorable tax landscape and embark on a journey of financial growth and success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can benefit from the Beckham Law?
Foreign athletes, executives and qualified professionals who meet the residency and contract requirements are eligible for the Beckham Law.

Can I apply for the Beckham Law on my own?
Although it is possible to file the application on your own, seeking the assistance of an expert can expedite the process and ensure that the required documents are submitted correctly.

Are there any limitations to the Beckham Law?
Yes, some areas may not fall within the scope of the Beckham Act, and it is critical to be aware of its limitations and exceptions.

How does the Beckham Law reduce income taxes?
The Beckham Law allows qualifying individuals to elect a flat income tax rate of 24%, which is lower than the progressive tax rates applicable to Spanish residents.

Is the Beckham Law subject to future changes?
Yes, tax regulations may evolve over time and affect the Beckham Law. Staying informed about possible changes is essential for long-term financial planning.

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