mini_dotTax Planning of Savings and Investment

When thinking about saving for the future, it is also important to plan the tax treatment of investment products, because of depending on our savings targets, we can also get a great tax saving.
From our firm, we provide comprehensive advice on the tax treatment of the different tipes of investments and savings products on the market, designing a savings strategy as optimal as possible, thereby offering the following services:

Study of investment options and savings products.
Detailed study of the implications on the direct taxation of interests, dividends and capital gains and tax benefits for contributions made.
Declaration of assets located abroad and possibility of repatriation of funds.
Wealth Tax and Inheritance Tax Planning.


Frequent Asked questions:

How does contributions to pension plans tribute?

Contributions to pension schemes reduce the general income tax base up to a limit of € 8,000 or 30% of the net work or personal activity income.

How is taxed the rescue of the Pension trust?

It depends on how remuneration is perceived. If it occurs in the form of annuity, it is taxed as income from work at the general tax rate applicable. If otherwise it is rescued as capital, it is one reduction up to 40%, depending on the data where the amount was invested. This reduction is limited since 1st January 2015.

How Investment Funds are taxed?

Investment Funds are taxed on the portion of income tax savings for the gain or loss generated in the sale, the application of the lost against the gain is permitted. While they are in possession of the taxpayer or they are sold but reinvested in other Investment Funds, no tax is applied. In any case, the Wealth Tax is applicable.

There is still the Wealth Tax?

For the financial year 2016 remains valid. In 2017 is planned its disappearance.


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